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What's the Formula Used to Calculate BMI?

Metric System

Formula to be used:

Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared: (Weight (kg) / [height (m) 2]).

As we all know, height is usually measured in centimeters. So divide height which is in centimeters by 100 to get height in meters before you apply it in the formula.

To know your BMI, Multiply your Height (m) by Height (m) and divide the weight by the result obtained from multiplying the heights. Then Round off the result into two decimal place.

An example of calculating BMI using the body mass index formula:

Height = 180 cm (1.80 m)
Weight = 70 kg

BMI Calculation: 70 (1.80)2 = 21.60

English System

Formula to be used:

Weight in pounds (lbs) divided by height in inches (in) squared and multiplied by a conversion factor of 703

(Weight (lbs) / [height (in)2] x 703).

So, to compute BMI, take the weight (lbs) and divide it by height (in). Divide the result obtained from that calculation by height again. Then, multiply that number by 703. Round off the resulting value to second decimal place.

Weight = 120 lbs
Height = 4'4" (52 inches)

BMI Calculation: [120 (52)2] x 703 = 31.20









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