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Kidney and Renal Pelvis

What should people know about cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis?

The kidneys are two reddish-brown organs in human beings, shaped like beans, situated on top of the waist on each side of the spine. The renal pelvis is the inside, curved part of the kidney where the urine will collect. The responsibilities of kidneys filter blood and produce urine to remove unwanted blood from the body. Urine accumulates in the renal pelvis as well as then comes down the ureters to the bladder, where it is stored. The kidneys also help in controlling blood pressure along with forming red blood cells.

Every year in New York State over 1,150 men plus 750 women are diagnosed with cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis. Over 400 men and 275 women die from this disease every year in New York State.

What are the symptoms of cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis?

In the initial state of disease, cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis does not reveal any obvious symptoms. As the tumor grows, symptoms might develop. The most general symptoms include:

Find blood in the urine - it might occur one day as well as not the next; it may be visible or else it might only show up in a lab test.

lump or else mass in the region of the kidney.

Other less frequent symptoms are fatigue, weight loss, as well as loss of appetite, fevers, a pain in the back or else side that does not go away, plus a general feeling of poor health. High blood pressure along with anemia might also be symptoms of cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis.

Who gets cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis?

Cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis is more frequent disease in older people and occurs more common in men than in women. The risk of affecting by kidney cancer increases with age, kidney cancer is most often occurring in people over the age of 50. Nevertheless, about 40 children are diagnosed with kidney cancer every year, most of them with Wilm’s Tumor, the kidney cancer more frequent in children.

What causes cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis?

At this time, still the scientist’s didn’t finds out the exactly what will be the causes cancer of the kidney and renal pelvis. It’s known fact that some types of kidney cancer are more common in people with certain historical family disorders (Von Hippel-Lindau disease and some others) and in people with a genetic history of kidney cancer. Cancer of the kidney as well as renal pelvis is as well more common in urban, industrialized areas.

Research also recommends that people who smoke are twice as probable to getting a cancer of the kidney as well as renal pelvis as nonsmokers. In addition, person who smokes regularly more chance of getting cancer than others, the higher their risk of developing this disease. If a person quits smoking, then their risk of getting cancer is decreases over time. About 25% to 30% of cancers of the kidney plus renal pelvis are related to smoking.

What does it mean while something “is associated with” cancer of the kidney as well as renal pelvis?

It means that there is a link between the two, but there is no exact evidence proof of cause plus effect. More research wants to be done before we know for certain.





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