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Lymphoma Cancer

What is meant by Lymphoma Cancer?

A special kind of white blood cell, called lymphocyte, is significant for your body's resistance to disease. These cells get exposed to diverse substances even the body in an attempt to fabricate the immunity. At certain places these cells bring together to filter the substances are known as Lymph nodes. Lymph nodes can be found anywhere in the body, especially in the neck, groin, armpits, above the heart, around the big blood vessels inside the abdomen. Lymphocytes may also group together in the tonsils, spleen in addition to thymus. Lymphoma is a kind of cancer that develops in the lymphocytes in any of these areas.

Is Lymphoma Cancer is common?

Lymphoma is the eighth most regular male cancer in Singapore according to the Singapore Cancer Registry. Nevertheless in children and young adults, it is the third most common cancer seen. It affects more men than comparing to women. Most adult patients develop lymphoma later than the age of 50.

Is Lymphoma contagious?

There is no proof that lymphoma can spread to an additional person by close contact as it is not a virus or bacteria. It is a gathering of cells in the body that has become cancerous.

Why do some lymphomas should to be treated straight away while other lymphomas do not require a treatment?

The fast-growing, high grade or an aggressive lymphomas can increase in size as well as spread sometimes over days otherwise weeks, and cause the patient to turn out to be very sick. These lymphomas require to be treated within a short period of time to get the disease under control. The slower mounting lymphoma may take months or else years to grow and may sometimes even fade away without any treatment. They might cause disturbing symptoms to the patient ultimately and this is when treatment is started.





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