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Risks and Causes of Lymphoma Cancer

There is no precise cause for lymphoma but it has been intimately associated with abnormally drop off immune systems that might be present from birth or associated with viruses for instance the AIDS virus.

Symptoms plus Signs of Lymphoma Cancer

Lymphoma normally appears as a painless lump that continues or increases in size. A doctor is supposed to be seen if there is any painless swelling in the neck, armpits or else groin with or without persistent fever, drenching sweats or else unexplainable weight loss.

Diagnostic Tests for Lymphoma Cancer

Benign conditions can also grounds swelling, so a diagnosis of lymphoma is made only subsequent to a biopsy (removal of a piece of tissue) of a swelling is done plus the tissue study by a pathologist (doctor who examines tissue under a microscope).

Once lymphoma is confirmed by the doctor, further tests, such as scans, biopsy of bone marrow as well as blood tests may be required to see how widespread the lymphoma is. Tests of heart function might also be required to see how fit a person is for treatment.

Lymphoma of different kind

Lymphomas are broadly divided into two types Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, based on the looks under the microscope. There are various types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The size plus shape of the cancer cells and arrangement of the cancer cells in the lymph node will determine the type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas are additionally divided into aggressive (high grade) or else slow-growing (low-grade) groups. Hodgkin's lymphoma is diagnosed when particular cancer cells are present.

Treatment for Lymphoma who gained this disease

Treatment of lymphoma might need chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs are either injected into the hand veins or else swallowed as pills. Every course of treatment is given at regulated intervals to kill cancer cells plus allow the body to recover. The drugs circulate right through the body as well as so will reach cancer cells even when they are widespread.

Radiation therapy is a localized treatment by means of high-energy rays to destroy lymphoma cells where the rays are directed. The area covered might just be the lymph nodes or else organ involved by lymphoma or else, in some cases, to a wider area encompassing the lymph nodes in the neck, chest plus under both armpits. It might be given alone or pooled with chemotherapy. Biological therapy uses products that improve the body's own immune system to fight cancer. It might be used alone or else combined with chemotherapy.

Several new developments in the field of biological therapy are emerging. Antibodies to one type of lymphoma have been developed plus may be used when straight treatment is no longer effective. The pooled treatment of high dose chemotherapy is being studied for certain patients. Here chemotherapy is given at much superior doses than standard chemotherapy treatment to destroy any remaining lymphoma cells. But the high dosage also destroy healthy bone marrow that produces white blood cells (infection-fighting cells), red blood cells (cells that carry oxygen), plus platelets (cells that prevent bleeding). To assist the patient tolerates high dose chemotherapy, stem cells or else bone marrow from the patient or else donor is collected beforehand. Once a patient receives the chemotherapy, the stem cells or else bone marrow is returned to the patient via a drip in a hand vein.

The stage of the lymphoma when diagnosed as well as whether it is slow growing or else aggressive will determine the kind of treatment given.

Prognosis of Lymphoma Cancer

Clinical examinations, x-rays as well as pathology reports age and on the whole health status of the patient all assist the medical team decide what the progress of an individual case of Lymphoma might be. After that, the appropriate course of treatment will be put into action. The treatment plan will vary from person to person. With prompt and correct treatment, the outlook for a person with Lymphoma is fine.




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