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Some of the Tips for Natural Healthy Weight Loss

The number of obese people is increasing at a greater rate now than ever before and this is due to the sedentary lifestyle and bad food habits. Here are some tips that may help Obese People lose weight in a natural healthy way:


  • Make it a habit to eat from a small plate and this will psychologically help you lessen the quantum of your food intake. Eat small quantities but, more often as that will increase you metabolism through the day.

  • Set achievable goals. Plan to lose 2 pounds a week and be determined to accomplish it. If you accomplish your goals from the beginning you will be spurred on to continue till the end.

  • Never miss a breakfast. Eating early morning food gives your body time to work those calories off. Another reason not to skip breakfast is, because after eight hours of sleep, our bodies have fasted and in order to increase your metabolism and burn calories, you need to have a good breakfast. Having more of fiber at breakfast will make you feel fuller through the day.

  • Eat slowly and take time to chew and swallow your food. Digestion begins with the mouth, when you chew your food it's mixed with your saliva which contains digestion enzymes. Try consuming salad as part of a main lunch. Keep a balanced low calorie diet.

  • Challenge with your friends that you will lose weight. It will be good to know that friends are watching you and that will strengthen your resolve to lose weight.Keep record of how much weight you lose to motivate yourself to lose weight further.

  • Totally avoid all sorts of weight loss pills. You may develop all sorts of health complications as these pills have deadly side-effects. So if want to lose weight do it naturally. Don't go for weight loss surgeries either, because these too can have fatal side effects on the body.

  • It is essential you walk a lot. If you want to go somewhere, try leaving the car home and walk, it makes a difference and not only helps weight loss but also improves blood circulation. Try to be more active in your everyday life. Try to walk to the desks of your colleagues at work rather than phoning/emailing them. Go for a walk after a meal as it aids digestion. Try walking faster, jogging or even adding ankle weights.

  • Drink plenty of water. If you do not drink water, the body will store whatever little water you consume and you will gain weight. Try high fiber appetizers, it helps you prevent overeating and also helps control diet. Use vegetable oil only as cooking medium as it contains least fat. Eat green leafy vegetables and fruits.

  • Make sure the exercises your doing are not unduly strenuous, and also make sure you enjoy doing them as well. You can take some sort of strength training, provided your doctor approves. Sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups are part of strength training and being stronger will help you lose weight sooner. Building muscle through strength training fetches many benefits, including increased endurance, body flexibility; reduced risk of injury; increased energy and enhanced metabolism.

  • Regularly checking and monitoring your BMI (Body Mass Index) can help you know how close you are to reaching your goals.

Obesity also contributes many other health problems. Major medical problems associated with obesity include gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. With proper care, physical workouts and healthy diet one can easily achieve weight loss.





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