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What are the symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus ?

Lupus can present itself in very diverse ways from person to person. About 80% of people develop joint plus muscle pain, skin rashes, fatigue and a common feeling of being unwell.

During a lupus flare-up the most regular complaints are of flu-like symptoms (with or without fever), muscle, fatigue and joint pains. Often symptoms are reported to be poorer before a menstrual period along with they are often thought to be just pre-menstrual tension.

The following signs along with symptoms are the most common:

Arthritis - The pain and inflammation of the joints happening in SLE differs from that in rheumatoid arthritis. Even though the arthritis can be very troublesome, the joints are not often damaged, making SLE a fewer severe disease in this respect than rheumatoid arthritis. The pain plus discomfort can seem to flit from one joint to another.

The joints most normally affected are the hands, feet plus knees but it can occur anywhere. Inflammation of the tendons as well as muscles can also occur.

Fatigue - People frequently report this as being the most disabling characteristic of SLE. Fatigue is not visible plus people can have great complexity in explaining to others how exhausted they can feel.

In the beginning, most people find it difficult to believe the need for extra rest. However, this is a vital part of managing the disease plus there is no need to feel guilty about it. Have realistic prospect about how much you can do plus avoid 'overdoing' it even if you feel energetic.

Skin rashes - Skin rashes are most common and more or less any form can occur. People with SLE frequently develop facial rashes; these can vary from a gentle redness on both cheeks to a more obvious scaly rash. The famous butterfly rash over the bridge of the nose plus cheeks is seen only rarely.

The skin rashes may occur on any part of the body, often on the areas uncovered to sunlight. They usually clear up impulsively but in some people the rashes can be very bothersome. Sometimes ulcers occur in the mouth as well as nose. Mild facial rashes can make you come into view in excellent health although your skin is sore.

Having an unseen illness can be very deceptive.

Sun sensitivity – Most of the people with lupus are sensitive to sunlight plus ultraviolet radiation. If you are get affected in this way, you may find that the extended exposure to sunlight makes your arthritis poorer or gives you rashes.

You should keep away from sunbathing during the times when the sun is at its most intense, ie between lOam and 3pm. Use a high factor sunscreen all the time even in winter as ultraviolet rays go through through cloud.

Fluorescent lighting emits further ultra-violet light than normal light bulbs. If you are light-sensitive a simple, reasonably priced plastic filter that can be wrapped round the tube and protected with a piece of tape is readily available. These can be very significant in the workplace. An employer is supposed to be able to get these paid for by the Placement, Assessment and Counseling Team (PACT) which is component of the Employment Service.

Hair loss - Some people may experience of hair loss. Even though this can be very distressing it is almost always impermanent. Only in rare occasion when hair follicles are scarred is the hair loss everlasting.

Kidneys - Kidney contribution was thought to occur in 20-40 per cent of people with lupus and frequently caused them much anxiety. Nevertheless, now that mild lupus is recognised, doctors realise this figure is overvalued and that kidney involvement is rare in mild disease. Your urine may be examined at each visit to the clinic as a matter of routine to check your kidneys. With early recognition, kidney involvement can be monitored and treated effectively if the need arises. The old anxiety that with every break out the kidneys will be further damaged is not well founded.

Depression - People with lupus sometimes they may experience occasional periods of depression. Some experience depression as a reaction to long-standing illness. For others it can be a result of the disease offensive the nervous system. Depression often strikes during a flare-up. Nevertheless, in either case, these periods can pass without have need of special treatment.

Other symptoms - People with lupus can also have a diversity of other symptoms including towering temperature, miscarriage, blood disorders, weight loss, chest pain headaches, and abdominal pain. Nevertheless, it is significant to remember that the symptoms can vary very much from person to person.





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