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Microwave Therapy Instrument

Microwave therapy is a type of deep heat therapy. The electromagnetic waves pass between electrodes placed on the patient's skin. This creates heat that increases blood flow and relieves muscle and joint pain.

Breast Cancer Treatment by Focused Microwave Thermotherapy provides a comprehensive overview of the technology and application of a unique, wide-field focused microwave thermotherapy (heat treatment) technology, based on adaptive phased array systems, used in clinical trials for the treatment of small and large breast cancer tumors.

Breast cancer cells generally have high-water content and high-ion content as compared to the surrounding normal breast tissues, and they are preferentially heated and killed with microwave energy, particularly with focused microwave energy. This preoperative focused microwave thermotherapy technology is being explored in combination with standard breast conservation techniques to increase tumor cell kill, shrink tumors, improve surgical margins, increase the use of breast conservation, and reduce tumor recurrence.

Microwave Therapy solves the problem of an enlarged prostate without the need for drugs, needles, anesthesia or a hospital stay. The single non-surgical treatment can be performed in the comfort of your urologist's office. More than 100,000 patients worldwide have been treated with the Microwave Therapy procedure.

The treatment uses a specially designed antenna inside a catheter that directs heat deep into the prostate to safely destroy enlarged tissue. At the same time cool water is circulated inside the catheter to protect the urethra from the heat generated by the microwave energy. The result of the treatment is shrinkage of the prostate to relieve pressure on the urethra to reduce your BPH symptoms.





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