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Pedal Exercisers

A pedal exerciser is a pair of pedals on a floor mount. You set the device in front of you and place your feet in the stirrups. Then, you pedal! Some of the most basic models, which sell for around ten bucks, don't have adjustment knobs to control the tension. The higher-priced ones do. With a tension control, you can make the pedals easier or harder to turn. Some pedal exercisers require assembly, while others come put together and are ready to go.

Pedal exerciser providing a convenient unit that allows anyone to enjoy the health benefits of a regular cardiovascular workout. Designed to deliver the full cardiovascular, circulatory, and muscle conditioning benefits derived from cycling, the Pedlar Exerciser works just as well for arms as it does for legs, improving cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle tone and strength.

The Pedlar Light Workout Exerciser is easy to operate with simple foot or hand movements. The Pedlar exerciser provides a light aerobic workout in just a few minutes with an adjustable tension knob to change the level of resistance.

Pedlar Light Workout Exerciser Features:
* Exercises the cardiovascular system.
* Stimulates leg circulation.
* Tones leg, arm, and upper body muscles.
* Ideal for people who are unable to sit on a regular exercise bike.
* Can be used from a chair, side of bed, wheel chair or table top for arm and upper body exercise.
* Stores easily and comes with an attractive chrome finish.





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