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Laser Ovary Care

Laser stimulate the ovary.The low level medical laser (wavelength: 650nm) is applied to ovary care machine (ZD-LSOC). Irradiation on the surface of body will stimulate ovary to produce estrogen hormone and adjust the level of it in the body.

Laser irradiation stimulates sympathetic nerve & vice-sympathetic nerve to make the vascular contract & distend reflexibly. With the result, the blood circulation and the ability for RBC to carry Oxygen can be improved, and improve the drug content which can get to the ovarian tissue, make ovary absorb the drug, so can get the best curative effect.

The low level medical laser can add the quantity of enzymes such as LPL, CCE, etc., which can dissolve the fat or cholesterin. So peel the fat pad parceled around the RBC, and regain the RBC 's ability of oxygen binding and carring effective, so can offer the more abundant alimentation substance for the ovarian tissue.

The abdomen of the human body, especially the skin of the umbilical region is so thin, there is no hypodermic fat under the navel, the nerve and the blood vessel is quite rich, therefore has a stronger absorption and the conduction power, may fast improve the internal organs and organization's physiology, pathology activity.

Using the heat offect of laser, Causes the ovary organization temperature to elevate, the blood capillary expands, the blood stream and the material metabolism speed up, activates the ovary organization cell, the pressure produced by the cell molecular resonance and the impulse laser, may achieve the promotion ovary organization cell absorption medicine ingredient. At the same time, the feedback control function of the laser may adjust the progestin secretion of the female and balance the plant nerve function.





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