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Cardiovascular Treatment of Laser

Cardiovascular disease is our number one killer. One-third of Americans have one or more forms of it. Cardiovascular disease is a condition that is roadly defined, including anything affecting the heart or blood vessels. According to one estimate, our average life expectancy would increase by seven years if cardiovascular disease were eliminated Laser treatment significantly lowered systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure. Moreover, diastolic arterial pressure did not elevate high at submaximal bicycle exercise.

Total peripheral vascular resistance also decreased. A good hypotensive effect was achieved in 90.4 percent of cases. Use of low-intensity laser irradiation in the rehabilitation of patients with borderline hypertension during the sanatorium stage strikingly enhanced the efficiency of the therapy administered. It can be prescribed to patients irrespective of their hemodynamic types.

The use of laserpuncture allowed patients to reduce their dosage of hypotensive drugs. Patients with FC I-III exertional angina can derive benefit from laser therapy due to its cardioprotective effect. Positive hemodynamic shifts were accompanied by improvement in general health of patients, manifested by lower frequency of angina attacks and episodes of pain-free ischemia of the myocardium. Laser therapy had an effect on the relation between painful and painless ischemia of the myocardium, as evidenced by a predominant decrease in pain-free episodes of myocardial ischemia, this being regarded as a prognostically favorable fact.

Intravenous laser therapy had a wider spectrum of effects on erythrocyte number than medication. Changes in erythrocyte number in the peripheral blood upon intravenous laser radiation reflects the efficiency of treatment of coronary heart disease patients.

Laser therapy is being administered by many different methods, such as laserpuncture, transcutaneous, supravascular and intravenous irradiation of blood over the projection zones of organs, etc. Success has been reported with all of these treatment methods. In my view, a laser of the appropriate wavelength and power, in knowledgeable hands, is likely to be clinically relevant in almost any area or form of medicine.





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