Tips for choosing the right sporty shoes

Wearing the proper sporty shoes for your sport or exercise can help protect you against discomfort and injury.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons says you should pay attention to these features when shopping for sporty shoes:

  • Shoes for aerobic workout need sufficient shock absorption, cushioning, a flexible sole and enough stability.
  • Shoes for courtyard sports need a good sole that is specific to your sport.
  • Shoes for field sports need cleats, spikes or studs, and a cushioned insert.
  • Winter-sport shoes should have a cozy fit and plenty of ankle support.
  • Track and field shoes depend on the sport, so it’s important to ask your trainer about proper shoes.
  • Specialty-sport shoes should fit according to the sport — for instance, cycling shoes should fit tightly.
  • Outdoor-sport shoes need warmth, good step and plenty of support.