Weight Gain

1. Select dairy food, eggs, fish and meat over bread and vegetables. Eat foods with high protein content such as beans, pulses and peas, and foods with high starch contented such as rice and tapioca, potatoes.

2. Eat Snack often. Eat a lot of high-calorie snacks such as cheese sticks, muffins, dried fruits, milk shakes, yoghurt and breakfast bars. Also, eat larger portions and eat at least five meals a day.

3. Drink a lot of fluids that supply nutrients and calories like milk, fresh fruit juices and energy drinks.

4. You need to exercise really hard and powerfully to gain muscle mass. Focus on free weight exercises that target your large muscle groups. If you have a high metabolic rate – which means you apply a lot of energy even at relax and you need short powerful workouts in its place of long periods of low-stress activity.

5. Be steady. It may take a long time, generally a few months, for the weight to actually show. Some women get upset and quit when they fail to see extreme results. But no weight gain program will work for you if you are not standard!

6. Having larger portions makes you feel full early. In order to eat more, you would do well to eat your food in smaller sizes so that you may eat more. Furthermore, it is recommended that you take 2 to 3 servings in each of your meals. In this way, you can add more calories little by little

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