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Mesothelioma Cancer

Under some specific conditions, the cells of the protective membrane divide uncontrollably and become cancerous. This disease is termed as Mesothemilum, a very rare form of cancer, usually found in people who are exposed to asbestos. Cancerous cells found to be in Mesothelium. Meosthelium is a protective layer that covers most of our body’s internal organs.i.e the internal organs of human body are encased in a protective sac called the Mesothelium. These cells normally form in the lining of abdomen, lungs or the sac that encircles the heart. Its most common site is the pleura (outer layer of chest cavity and lungs), can also be seen in peritoneum (lining of abdominal cavity), or else at pericardium (a sac that covers the heart). This dreadful disease can be familiar among the people who worked on jobs where they have to inhale asbestos particles, or being exposed to asbestos dust and fiber on other hand. Person who washes the clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos can also be affected by this dreadful disease.

Mesothelioma drastically reduces the lifespan, once after confirmation of Mesothelioma he/she can live only for four to twenty four months. Mesothelioma is easily effects people who are mineworker, auto mechanics, military workers, steel workers and many more. Due to them their family members are also at risk, as the asbestos dust from clothing can travel through air.

Tumors of the Mesothelioma can be malignant. The malignant Mesothelioma is categorized into three types:

1. Epithelioid, where 50-70% of Mesotheliomas.

2. Sarcomatoid, where 7-20% of Mesotheliomas

3. Bi-phasic or Mixed which accounts for 20-35% of Mesotheliomas.

When harmful asbestos fibers are breathed into the lungs they navigate through large air passages to reach the smaller passages and from them the pleura. This leads to pleural Mesothelioma.

Symptoms of pleural Mesothelioma is chest pains, a persistent cough may lead to coughing up blood, shortness of breath. These symptoms are due to fluid that appears between the chest cavity and lining of the lungs. This fluid is a thin membrane that is found between chest cavity and lungs is referred as pleura. Initially it starts from chest area and spread out to other parts of body. Additionally it includes fever, difficulty in swallowing, sudden weight loss, breathing trouble and swelling of the face and neck areas. But not all of them will be experienced with these symptoms there are people with the disease do not experience any serious symptoms at all. Pleural Mesothelioma often known as “lung cancer”

Rarer Mesothelioma is peritoneal Mesothelioma when compared to pleural Mestohelioma. It affects the abdominal area. It’s Symptoms includes nausea, abdominal swelling and pain due to formation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, vomiting and loss of appetite, even breathing difficulties, chest pain along with fever, blood clotting, anemia and bowel obstruction. They tend to be more insidious, and thus results in short life

Pericardial Mesothelioma is rarest. It surrounds the heart. Initially tumors grow in the tissues that cover the heart and gradually spread over from there. Its symptoms are constant coughing, shivering, shortness of breath, chest pain.

In general Mesothelioma symptoms can be very general and hence it will be ignored. This type of symptoms will be seen before 2 to 3 months cancer has founded. Management of Mesothelioma depends upon dramatization of the tumor. Early diagnosis and surgical intervention may expand one’s life span. Surgery is not fit to all; it depends upon their body conditions, their ages and their ability to withstand. Along with surgical options, radiation treatment and chemotherapy may be very helpful in therapeutic program. Later stage of the disease includes pain management and home care. So please wake up! People who have exposed to asbestos at any time in their lives should contact their doctor immediately since the cancer tumors enter only at the later stage of our lives. Even if the person is not exposed to asbestos but have above mentioned symptoms then quickly hurry up to your family doctor. There is chance since asbestos dust can travel though air right!

Then doctor will take care of you:

1. Take note of complete medical history and try to diagnose the symptoms

2. Go for complete physical examinations and find out the risk factors.

3. Proceed to chest x-ray for thickening of pleura, calcifications, and lowered lung fissures.

4. Next to step in to CT scan which gives you clear size, location, and extent of the problem if any suspected.

5. Advice for test of tissue samples and pleural fluids.

6. Fluid in the abdominal cavity and fluid accumulated in the chest cavity.

People affected by Mesothelioma have to contact a lawyer. Each state differs in their statutes of curb, i.e. there’s time limit for each individual patient’s diagnosis. Make sure that your lawyer should have former experience with Mesothelioma cases. They will take care of your case within the given time limit. Mesothelioma lawyers can make use of internet which will be very helpful to them to search out.





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