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Weight Loss Tips

Eat early, don't eat late:

The earlier you eat, the faster your metabolic whatever kicks in. The sooner you stop eating, the longer your body spends processing the day's food and then your body fat during sleep.

Sleep properly:

when you sleep, you burn fat. So get that 8 hours. It's good for you health and for your weight loss.

Don't drink beer:

Yeah, uh, this should be pretty obvious. I do vodka, which is all sugar, but its less calories and carbs and all that useless crap your body doesn't need. Also beer means consuming way too much liquid late in the evening, which is just silly in the first place.

Eat breakfast:

Eat breakfast and try to make sure you have some protein (eggs are an obvious choice). If you don't, you are likely to give heavily for it later in the day. While we're on the subject of protein, try to include some with every meal.

Drinking water:

Drinking water reduces fluid retention naturally and promotes the release of toxins from the body. If you think you're hungry, try having a drink (of water or herbal tea) first, as you may just be thirsty

Cardio is important:

High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT- is increasingly seen as the way to go, along with strength training. If you are trying to lose weight, exercising with challenging weights will build lean tissue and stoke the fat burning fire. By the way, working out in itself isn't enough; you've got to keep moving through the day.

Portion control:

Portion control is a real issue for many just the simple act of cutting down how much you eat at each sitting can make a huge difference. One way to do this is eat off smaller plates.




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